This sector captures a broad range of personal services. It includes religious, civic and interest group services; some repair and maintenance activities; and the employment of staff by private households. Businesses are mainly engaged in providing: personal care services, such as hair, beauty, diet and weight management; funeral services; repairing household items; promoting or administering religious events or activities; or promoting and defending the interests of their members.

Christchurch Quick Facts

  • Contributes approximately $370 million to Christchurch GDP (Infometrics’ Estimate year ended June 2014, $2010)
  • Accounts for around two percent of GDP in Christchurch
  • Around 1,943 business units are based in Christchurch (2014, Statistics New Zealand)
  • Has around 6,830 employees (2014, Statistics New Zealand)
Other Services Sector Employment Breakdown, 2014
Source: Statistics New Zealand
Sub-sectorEmployee Count% of Total
Automotive Repair and Maintenance203030%
Machinery, Equipment and Other Repair and Maintenance4907%
Personal Care Services110016%
Other Personal Services5708%
Religious Services115017%
Civic, Professional and Other Interest Group Services136020%
Funeral, Crematorium and Cemetery Services1202%