Wholesale trade involves the purchase and on-selling of goods, without significant transformation, to businesses. Wholesalers usually operate from a warehouse or office with little or no display of goods; have large storage facilities; and are not generally located or designed to attract a high proportion of walk-in customers. Wholesaling is often characterised by high value and/or bulk volume transactions, and customers are generally reached through trade-specific contacts.

Christchurch Quick Facts

  • Contributes approximately $1 billion to Christchurch GDP (Infometrics’ Estimate year ended June 2014, $2010)
  • Accounts for around six percent of GDP in Christchurch
  • Around 2,057 business units are based in Christchurch (2014, Statistics New Zealand)
  • Has around 11,130 employees (2014, Statistics New Zealand)
Wholesale Trade Sector Employment Breakdown, 2014
Source: Statistics New Zealand
Sub-sectorEmployee Count% of Total
Basic Material Wholesailing222020%
Machinery and Equipment Wholesailing288026%
Motor Vehicle and Motor Vehicle Parts Wholesailing7707%
Grocery, Liquor and Tobacco Produce Wholesailing293026%
Other Goods Wholesailing208019%
Commission-Based Wholesailing2502%