Strategic Framework

The purpose of Christchurch Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) is to identify long term growth goals and priorities to 2031 that will create a stronger economy and better quality of life.

The economic development planning ensures that resources, business and investment decisions are steered towards a common set of objectives intended to improve economic outcomes. By setting a common course, engaging with the business community and investing in shared goals, better outcomes will be achieved.


Our vision for the economy of Christchurch is that in 2031 Christchurch is recognised as the best place for business, work, study and living in Australasia.


To achieve the vision, by 2031 our goals are:

  • Christchurch has the best economic ranking against Tier Three cities in Australasia. Quality of living matches a Tier Two city in Australasia
  • Total GDP has grown by 69% to $21.7bil (GDP per capita by 38% (2012-2013))
  • Exports to China have increased by 140%, reaching $719mil by 2031
  • In 2031, 20% of the 15-64 aged population in employment in current high-growth enabling sectors: Agriculture; Manufacturing; Information, Media and Telecommunications; Finance and Insurance; and Professional, Scientific and Technical Services
  • The proportion of the working age population with a post-high school qualification has increased from 40% to 45%. The proportion of the working age population with a Bachelor qualification or higher has increased from 20% to 26%


CEDS outlines all of the projects that benefit the economy. This includes regional activity which returns benefits to the City economy.

Below is a list of all the projects categorized by priorities. This list is regularly updated with progress and links to further information from lead agencies. If you believe an initiative contributes to CEDS goals and therefore should be submitted for review by CDC for possible inclusion and monitoring, please get in touch.

CDC has both a leadership and co-ordination role. It leads more than 30 of the 74 projects, and co-ordinates and monitors the whole programme of work.

An overview of progress to March 2016 is available here.

Progress towards achieving the economic development goals, including growing GDP by 54% to $15.4bil (GDP per capita by 27%) by 2031, is being monitored and reported, see the Quarterly Economic Report and the City Scorecard.

Please click on the priorities below to see the projects that fall under them.

The Big 5

Keeping the City Competitive