CEDS Update 2012

The Christchurch Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) was originally published in August 2010. As a result of the September 2010 and February 2011 earthquakes, we are reviewing some of the projects and priorities contained in the original document.

  • The new CEDS (CEDS v ii) will be finalised and publicly released in November 2012. As a result of the earthquakes, some of the projects included in the original CEDS have changed and a number of others are currently under review.
  • We are currently awaiting CERA’s completion of its ERP before starting the CEDS v ii stakeholder engagement process.
  • Due to the large number of projects (and stakeholders) we are in the process of establishing project management office (PMO) to oversee and report on progress throughout the lifecycle of CEDS v ii projects and priorities.
  • CDC will begin a stakeholder engagement process (in mid-August) to ensure our direction meets the expectations of the region’s business and sector leaders and the wider community

The major projects proposed in CEDS vii include:

Business Friendly Innovation Business Attraction
Health Innovation Hub Alliances & Joint Ventures Essence
Human Capital The Ports Health Precinct
Smart Safe City Water Trade Alliance
Infrastructure Agritech

We expect new project concepts will emerge during the stakeholder engagement process.

  • CDC’s Economist, Amy McNaughton, is working on a background paper for CEDS which will test assumptions and establish research-based measures and targets for CEDS v ii projects. This paper will be used in the stakeholder engagement process.
  • We expect a final draft of CEDS v ii to be completed by October for circulation and stakeholder consultation (throughout October)
  • A final document and supporting précis (in the form of a brochure) will be published in November 2012
  • The formal launch of CEDS v ii (to stakeholders, community and business leaders, and the media) will take place in late November/early December 2012
  • We are investigating a web-based and mobile device reporting structure – the intent being to provide business stakeholders with easy to access economic profiles, reports on CEDS projects and updates on the development of the Christchurch economy.