Living and Working in Christchurch

    Christchurch is a city where people and business choose to be. The strength of the Christchurch economy means that there are plenty of opportunities for skilled workers. The following pages provide you with an overview of why people love living here and an in-depth look at two of our flourishing sectors: manufacturing and IT, including profiles on some of the great local companies. For information on other sectors in the region visit our Sector Profiles page.

    Careers New Zealand has an in-depth overview of careers and opportunities in Canterbury, and job sites such as Seek and Workhere have job listings for the region.

    Christchurch – a city of opportunity

    Christchurch has a thriving economy, with one of the lowest rates of unemployment in the OECD. It is not only a city that is attracting job seekers globally, but its unique location and proximity to the mountains and sea means Christchurch provides an opportunity for lifestyle balance that is second-to-none. Follow the link to find out more about moving to Christchurch.

    IT sector jobs and employers

    The City’s vibrant and innovative IT sector is New Zealand’s third largest region for IT businesses. Nationally, the IT sector is the country’s third biggest exporter after dairy and tourism. Some of the sub-sectors include:

    Manufacturing sector jobs and employers

    Christchurch has a thriving and dynamic manufacturing sector. Christchurch is the second largest manufacturing centre in New Zealand behind Auckland, and the sector is the second largest contributor to the Canterbury regional economy. Some of the sub-sectors include:

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