Electronics & Electrical Jobs in Christchurch

There are plenty of IT jobs in Christchurch’s electronics and electrical sector. Equipment manufacturers based here collectively contribute about 30% of New Zealand’s total electronics output.

Meet some of the electronics employers

Dominating the local IT sector is Tait Communications, New Zealand’s fourth largest manufacturing company and employs over 800 people worldwide. It produces mission critical radio communications systems and networks, and exports about 95% of its products from its Christchurch manufacturing base.

Other export-orientated companies include:

  • Enatel and its subsidiary Enasolar design and manufacture standby power solutions used in the global telecommunications, networking, wireless and industrial industries, as well as grid-tied solar inverters and motive power chargers.
  • AuCom manufactures industrial soft starters for the pumping, mining, forestry, marine, waste processing and power generation sectors in Europe and Asia.
  • Eaton
  • Dynamic Controls
  • Trimble Navigation

Also servicing global niche markets from Christchurch are:

  • DesignA Electronics, which produces custom hardware solutions for clients in the aerospace, defence, telecommunications and medical industries.
  • Salcom Technologies, which manufactures and distributes radio paging transmitters, receivers and transceivers.

Supporting industry research

While companies such as Tait, AuCom and Enatel have based their manufacturing operations in Christchurch, multinationals such as Trimble, Dynamic Controls and Eaton have research and development facilities in Christchurch.

In this, they are supported by a healthy research hub based around the University of Canterbury and NZi3, the national information and communication technology innovation institute based at the university.

Meet some of the electrical equipment employers

Global multinationals with substantial manufacturing presences in Christchurch include:

  • TE Connectivity produces harnessing, cable, and wiring products and accessories.
  • General Cable is a Fortune 500 company with Christchurch as its Oceania headquarters, also produces harnessing, cable, and wiring products and accessories.
  • Schneider Electric is a global leader in energy management, produces electrical equipment and accessories for the domestic and industrial markets from its Christchurch operations.

The sector is supported by an elaborate local supply chain of component and contract manufacturers, which includes sheet-metal fabricators and plastics companies, as well as:

Dedicated contract manufacturers

World-class electronic design and consultancy services

Fostering innovation and collaboration

Christchurch has a well-connected and active IT community. There are regular meet-ups, supportive industry organisations and a dedicated home base for high-tech entrepreneurs in the heart of the city.

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Jobs in the electronic sector in Christchurch generally reflect the specialist activity of the different companies. Jobs range from assembler, technician and test analyst to more specialist engineering roles involved in embedded software, systems, control, signal processing, hardware and power management.