EnatelEnatel is a world-leading specialist in the design and manufacture of a range of standby power solutions used in telecommunications, networking, wireless and industrial industries. It also produces grid-tied solar inverters for the renewable energy sector and motive power chargers for the industrial battery sector.

Target market

The company has diversified into three separate but complementary divisions – Enatel Energy, Enatel Motive Power and EnaSolar. While each division is unique in strategy, design and deployment, they have similarities in technologies, particularly surrounding power conversion efficiencies.

  • Enatel Energy develops and manufactures power solutions for the telecommunications and industrial sectors. Almost 95% of its products are exported to over 70 countries worldwide, with the majority of revenues coming from Central and Latin America, North America, Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe
  • Enatel Motive Power provides high-efficiency chargers designed for conventional charging or fast charging of most batteries. The end users of these products are operators of battery-powered vehicles or forklifts. Eighty-five percent of sales are derived from export customers, mainly in North America and Australia
  • EnaSolar sells grid-tied solar inverters. These electronic devices convert the DC output from roof solar panels into AC, which is fed into the mains power supply via the distribution board in a property. Eighty-six percent of sales are domestic


In 1985, under the Swichtec/Intergy brand, a group of specialists in the fields of engineering, design and management built a USD 100 million company; exporting more than 95% of its production to over 63 markets.

In 1998, Swichtec and its technology were sold to Invensys plc, which was then on-sold four years later to Eaton Corporation. Today, this forms the basis of the company’s Powerware range of DC products.

In 2002, the former Swichtec directors founded Enatel and have since led the company’s rapid growth in switch-mode power solutions, customer growth and global coverage.

Company size

Enatel employs over 220 staff globally and continues to grow.

Research and development, manufacturing and head office functions are based in Christchurch, New Zealand. The company also has a joint-venture manufacturing plant in Shenzhen, China, and a subsidiary company in Split, Croatia.

Research and development

Enatel recognises the importance of investing in research and development for future growth, and spends approximately 10% of its revenue in this area each year. Its core focus is on using creative, cutting-edge technology to offer better products, higher efficiency performance and value for money.

It has been awarded government grant funding for research and development and has made large investments in regulatory compliance equipment.

Roles within the company and company culture

Roles in company include:

  • engineering disciplines (systems, software, hardware, mechanical and electrical)
  • research and development
  • procurement
  • production
  • administration/support
  • information technology
  • finance

Enatel’s vision is to be recognised globally as the preferred partner for energy solutions. It is committed 

  • understanding customer needs to ensure all their requirements are met
  • optimising the effectiveness of processes and supply-chain
  • excellence in reliability and product quality
  • developing leading-edge technology and innovative designs
  • responding to change and continuously improving
  • respecting the culture and values of employees and business partners
  • complying with all legal, statutory and regulatory requirements
  • preventing pollution and continuously improving environmental sustainability

Other information

Enatel has received a number of awards including the New Zealand Hi-Tech Innovative Hardware Product Award (2012) and the New Zealand Innovation Award in Manufacturing (2011).

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