Romania, Timisoara

Job title:

Surface mount rework and repair operator




High School Diploma (mechanisms and machine parts)

Moved to Christchurch:


Nicoleta Popescu
Why did you choose to move to Christchurch?

My husband and I came here on holiday to visit my best friend and we fell in love with New Zealand. After a short time we decided to stay, so we applied for a work visa that enabled us to stay longer.

What does your company do?

Enatel designs and manufactures a range of standby power solutions used in telecommunications, networking, wireless and industrial industries globally, as well as grid tied solar inverters for the renewable energy sector and motive power chargers for the industrial battery sector.

What do you enjoy about your job?

Most of all I enjoy working in a team; sharing and learning new skills.
Working here Is a great experience for me. Enatel was very supportive when I was dealing with my visa, and always shows appreciation for me as a person and an employee.

How do you see your career progressing?

Enatel is a fast-growing company with many good opportunities.

Tell us about your lifestyle in Christchurch:

Fun at work:
We all have busy lives, but we manage to go out with colleagues when possible – to get to know them and their families better. We often also have BBQs at work on Fridays.

Fun outside of work:
I’ve made many friends since I came here. Most of them are Kiwis – they were very nice to show us around and go on holidays.
My husband also plays soccer and touch rugby every week.

Family aspects:

Although we are far from our family, we have many friends here. We love nature in New Zealand – we go for many walks on the beach and picnics in the park.

Life in Christchurch:

There are many places to go out. I love tasting new foods from different countries and I have friends from many places – it’s a nice experience. We still have a lot to see.
Christchurch is a nice place to live and we hope to stay here as residents. It’s a beautiful country with lovely people. I really enjoy it here.

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