Cerebral FixCerebralFix is the only game development studio of its kind in the southern hemisphere. With its roots in the social and casual gaming markets, it is recognised for its dedication to producing world-class games.

CerebralFix is rapidly becoming known as the go to guys for international entertainment companies who entrust us to deliver web, social and mobile games for their billion dollar brands including Madagascar, Wheel of Fortune, Transformers and Toy Story.

CerebralFix are the trailblazers in developing New Zealand’s serious gaming market. This includes health orientated games created in partnership with Callaghan Innovation and Im-Able for rehabilitation of stroke victims, education orientated such as ‘Disaster Hero’, the major disaster recovery and prevention game funded by the Department of Homeland Security in the US, and health/safety training in work environments for organizations where we leverage our skills in gamification to transform mundane learning exercises into powerful engagement experiences.

Target market

CerebralFix targets the gaming audience of all ages.

Company size

CerebralFix delivers through digital distribution on an international scale and has its main office in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Research and development

Cerebral Fix encourages its customers (mainly gamers) to engage with their products and provide feedback about the games and the experience they shared with CerebralFix. This enables the team to continue research and development through the analysis of ongoing customer feedback.

Roles within the company and company culture

Team members at CerebralFix strive to push the limits of their respective disciplines in the pursuit of excellence. They love what they do and, whether its project management, creative consulting or innovating in the gaming space, they share the same passion.

Their professionalism in the delivery of projects is paramount, yet they are not without personality or style.

Other information

Profusion Consulting, a US-based management consultant company, received public accolades as a result of the initiatives it created with CerebralFix and reported that its clients increased their sales by 35%. The work of CerebralFix was recognised by the company as ‘priceless’.

Contact us

78-100 Manchester Street
Christchurch 8011
New Zealand

E: website@cerebralfix.com