Stickmen Media (Stickmen) develops original games for PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox, PC and mobile platforms.

For corporate clients, it creates top-tier, interactive media products that leverage the power of social networking to generate revenue and create global online communities.

The team works with researcher agencies, advertising agencies and businesses to:

  • create digital assets, such as 3D models, concept art, Illustrations and bespoke mobile apps and games; and
  • apply gamification to improve user engagement and retention in existing systems.

Target market

Almost all of Stickmen’s original intellectual property (IP) sales take place overseas – through online stores in the US, Europe and Asia.

In contrast, almost all of its consultation business takes place in New Zealand with local companies. However, in 2014 and 2015 the company will be targeting more international clients.

Clients for Stickmen games are kids from age seven to 80+, while service clients are companies with a need for high quality media.


The original Stickmen Studios was established in August 2006, the company directors performed several years of research within the games industry prior to opening the studio in Christchurch, New Zealand, in June 2008.

Stickmen began releasing original games in 2009 with Dragon Master Spell Caster on Nintendo Wii. In 2010, Stickmen had its first 8.5/10 hit with Doc Clock: The Toasted Sandwich of Time.

Canterbury’s earthquake activity in 2010 and 2011 saw the city centre of Christchurch closed and Stickmen relocated to an outer suburb. The company’s directors actively helped drive the development of a new and exciting Enterprise Precinct and Innovation Campus (EPIC), which is now an iconic component of the new city and home to the new company ‘Stickmen Media’.

Company size

Stickmen has seven staff all located in Christchurch. Stickmen moved into the EPIC centre in central Christchurch in March 2013.

Research and development

Stickmen is a research and development company. Its original IPs are innovative and unique, and have been supported by government research grants for cross-platform engine development and procedural generation.

The company has worked with research and development organisations including Callaghan and ImAble in health and rehabilitation research.

Roles within the company and company culture

The roles in the company cover graphic art and computer science disciplines. The company culture is upbeat and quirky, innovative and progressive.

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Screen shot of game developed by Stickmen - Codex of the Realm

Screen shot of game developed by Stickmen - Kung Fu Funk
Screen shot of game developed by Stickmen - Doc Clock