Health & Medical jobs in Christchurch

Health and Medical Jobs in Christchurch

Health IT is highly developed in New Zealand and medical devices and software are designed, manufactured and marketed to the world, from Christchurch.

Meet the employers

Leading global companies
  • Dynamic Controls, which designs and develops mobility controls for scooters and wheelchairs
  • McKesson, whose software helps hospitals manage operational performance in patient demand and capacity planning
  • Orion Health, a leading provider of integrated health information and solutions
Local software companies selling solutions globally
  • Wellnomics, world leaders in the development of ergonomic software solutions
  • Comrad, specialising in radiology information systems
  • ARANZ Medical, commercialising 3D scanning applications for wound care and orthotics/prosthetics markets.
Health manufacturing companies

Supporting health IT

There are a number of agencies supporting health IT in New Zealand:

  • The IT Health Board provides leadership on the implementation and use of information systems across the health and disability sector.
  • The New Zealand Health Innovation Hub nurtures and grows the country’s health technology industry, and supports the widespread adoption of leading innovations developed in New Zealand.
  • The Health IT Cluster is an industry grouping of New Zealand- based health software vendors, consultants and healthcare providers.

Fostering innovation and collaboration

Christchurch has a well-connected and active technology community. There are regular meet-ups, supportive industry organisations and a dedicated home base for high-tech entrepreneurs in the heart of the city.

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Roles in this sector include: software developer, software engineer, tester, quality assurance (QA) engineer, business analyst, account manager, business development, marketing, scrum master, project manager, technical writer, product manager, helpdesk operator, solutions architect, team leader, database administrator, design engineer, test analyst, assembler, machine operator, test engineer, technical support.