Orion Health is a privately owned software exporter and a global leader in eHealth software. It has extensive experience in the design and installation of complex systems within demanding healthcare environments.

Orion Health has risen to be a global leader in its industry, with a broad range of solutions across three major groups:

  • Healthier Populations solutions enable health professionals to see relevant patient information irrespective of where it is collected. This allows doctors, nurses and other health professionals to work together to maintain continuity of patient care outside the hospital.
  • Smarter Hospitals solutions facilitate hospital automation. This enables hospitals to move away from paper-based systems towards simplified processes, greater organisation efficiency and improvements in patient safety.
  • Intelligent Integration solutions link software systems across multiple organisations or within a single entity to promote more efficient data sharing between healthcare professionals. The result is information that is available at the right time to the right people, enhancing patient care and streamlining organisational processes.

Today, these solutions are implemented in over 30 countries, used by hundreds of thousands of clinicians, and help facilitate care for tens of millions of patients.


It all started in 1992, when CEO and founder Ian McCrae left a business consultant role in search of a job that had meaning, was challenging and interesting, and made a difference to the world.

Together with a few colleagues, who had equally high aspirations, they formed a boutique consultancy firm, Clearfield Consulting. They won a number of interesting information technology projects – most of which revolved around the Auckland District Health Board needing to computerise and connect all Auckland hospitals.

In 1992, the Internet was not used extensively, there were no Internet cables, no Wi-Fi and the entire Auckland District Health Board had only 50 green screen terminals available.

The Clearfield Consulting team used their ingenuity to place microwave dishes on the roofs of the hospitals to facilitate data sharing. This created a level of inter-connectedness not previously experienced or thought possible.

This hugely expensive project paid for itself within just nine months, as the savings made by the hospitals’ interaction was immense.

This core competency was expanded over the next 21 years into the globally recognised and industry-leading eHealth software vendor that is Orion Health.

Company size

Orion Health employs 1106 staff in 26 offices across 24 locations.

Roles within the company and company culture

The company is on a significant growth trajectory and in the past six months alone, it has employed 300 new staff around the world.

Orion Health constantly needs new technical resources, including software developers, implementation consultants and user experience designers, to ensure that its products continue to evolve.

To support this core business function, it also looks for product managers, client relationship managers, support and business analysts and an array of corporate functions.

The company stays true to its values across all areas of its business – from recruitment and promotion to reward and recognition of team members. Its values are:

  • innovative
  • passionate
  • ethical
  • customer-focused

Orion Health has become a global organisation with a small, family-business feel that celebrates individual, team and company successes and achievements.

Contact us

Orion Health Limited
2 Hazeldean Road
Christchurch 8024

P: +64 3 974 3720