Mumbai, India

Job title:

Senior business analyst


Orion Health


Bachelor of Commerce

Moved to Christchurch:


Tasneem Gould
Why did you choose to move to Christchurch?

We wanted to raise a family in a place with access to good quality education, a relaxed and enjoyable lifestyle for families and a minimum of traffic, stress and pressure. We wanted our kids to have space to play and grow, and we love having a large backyard with a trampoline, a barbeque area and our own veggie patch.

What does your company do?

Orion Health is the world’s leading provider of health information exchange (HIE) and healthcare integration solutions.

What does your job involve?

I work within an Agile development team to ensure that we are solving our customers’ problems and delivering real business value to them.
To do this, I maintain constant contact with customers and our customer-facing teams, and I ensure we regularly validate their requirements as well as provide integrated solutions to them.

What do you enjoy about your job?

The solutions we provide make a real difference to people, families, hospitals and even governments around the world.
It’s an exciting and challenging job and it is immensely satisfying to know that you are making a real difference in improving the quality of healthcare and life for people.
I love being able to talk to a variety of people, understand their processes and challenges, and collaborate to develop solutions.
Additionally, Orion Health is immensely committed to our ongoing personal and career development, and there are always opportunities to learn something new and different.
There is a fantastic mix of people at Orion Health, and in Christchurch generally. I’m privileged to be working with some very smart people who can challenge my thinking, share knowledge and be fantastic mentors and collaborators.
We have a great mix of age groups, nationalities and interests, and the atmosphere is vibrant and inclusive. I’m always excited to wake up in the morning and go to work!

How do you see your career progressing?

Orion Health is growing rapidly in response to the local and global recognition of an aging population and the need to provide more efficient and effective healthcare.
The Christchurch office has doubled in size in a year, and with even more new customers coming our way, there are so many opportunities to grow.
Over the next few years, I can see my role expanding to being a recognised expert in specific business areas; contributing to product direction and helping our teams deliver even more value.

Tell us about your lifestyle in Christchurch:

Fun at work:
We have a very sociable culture at work. There are drinks every Friday, social club events every month, team lunches and many opportunities to celebrate success at work – including annual dinners and software release parties.
People also play sport or meet outside work to socialise regularly – it is friendly fun. Additionally, work times are flexible and family and personal commitments are never treated as a problem or burden – we are all about delivering clever solutions, not putting in long hours.

Fun outside of work:
We have a great circle of friends, and we have an active local Indian community so there are lots of events to go to.
My husband moonlights as a musician, which is also a great, fun little local community.
There are so many beautiful places in the South Island that we enjoy taking mini-breaks whenever we can.

Family aspects:

We have lots of great opportunities to spend time together as a family – on the trampoline in the backyard, local events, parks, holidays, and more.
We enjoy the options our son has at school, where he is thriving academically, but also being encouraged to learn other things – such as swimming, French, singing and he has just joined a band at school.
On weekends he enjoys gymnastics, the city libraries and meeting friends, and there is always an event or three happening in the city if we are so inclined.

Life in Christchurch:

The nightlife and restaurant scene is brilliant – there are so many cool new places popping up all the time.
In some ways the earthquake has forced new growth and opportunity, and it is great to be part of this growing resurgent scene. There are always cool new bars, cafes and venues to discover.
Driving across town is quick and easy compared with other places, and there are always fun events happening on weekends. Work-wise, there are a number of great opportunities and so much potential for growth.
Moving to Christchurch has been the best thing for us, both family and career-wise. Our quality of life is so much better, and you can do as much or as little as you want.
Infrastructure, amenities and facilities are second to none and daily life is relaxed and fun.

Orion Health