Primary Industry & Agri-tech Jobs in Christchurch

With its temperate climate, high rainfall and fertile land, Canterbury is the food basket of New Zealand. It provides a rich palette of produce from the famous chardonnays and sauvignon blancs of the north to aquaculture and seafood, grains, dairy products and vegetables.

Not surprisingly, food and beverage is the largest manufacturing sub-sector in Christchurch by both number of companies and number of employees, and the industry as a whole has been growing at an annual compounded growth rate of 8.3% over the last 16 years.

Companies range from small artisan producers of fine foods supplying local and domestic markets to large processing factories, some of which are major players on the global stage.

Almost 80% of food produced in New Zealand is exported. Dominating the export sector is dairy – New Zealand controls over a third of the global export dairy trade and is a leading producer of high-value ingredients such as powdered milk products, casein, whey, UHT milk, lactose and colostrum.

Canterbury companies have a reputation for innovation and improvement. Canterbury is also home to New Zealand’s premier agricultural university, Lincoln University, which actively supports the development of new IT for the agricultural sector.

Technology – the way forward

New Zealand’s primary sector is shifting away from its traditional base of producing commodities to investing in higher value processed and packaged foods.

IT is a vital component of this sector, with a focus on tools that can provide information for intelligent decision-making to increase productivity, reduce waste and optimise results.

In today’s market, utilising these technologies is becoming standard practice. For example using IT to help predict crop yield and date of maturation, improve water usage, effluent output and manage frost mitigation.

Precision technologies are also offering opportunities for New Zealand in economically and environmentally sustainable agriculture.

Meet the employers

IT companies
Agricultural businesses using IT to differentiate themselves

Research and development organisations using IT for research, intellectual property development and extension work

Fostering innovation and collaboration

Christchurch has a well-connected and active IT community. There are regular meet-ups, supportive industry organisations and a dedicated home base for high-tech entrepreneurs in the heart of the city.

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Roles in this sector include: software developer, software engineer, testers, quality assurance (QA) engineer, business analyst (BA), account manager, business development, marketing, scrum master, project manager, technical writer, product manager, helpdesk operator, solutions architect, team leader, database administrator, design engineer, test analyst, assembler, machine operator, test engineer, technical support.