Lincoln Agritech is a leading-edge research and development company with a track record in applying new and innovative engineering and science technologies in the primary, industrial and environmental sectors.

It has five key complementary areas of expertise, which together provide a unique set of research and development solutions to New Zealand’s primary, industrial and environmental sectors. They are:

  • precision agriculture technology
  • sensing technology solutions
  • groundwater processes
  • chemical application research and training
  • software consulting and irrigation design software (IRRICAD).

Target market

Lincoln Agritech’s research can be found at work in a wide range of domestic and international organisations – from fundamental research assisting regional councils in the governance of groundwater quality, to targeted new product development, such as remote microwave sensors used to irrigate in just the right places.


Lincoln Agritech has a long history of adding value through its research and development. It traded as Lincoln Ventures from 1994 to 2012; Lincoln Ventures was created in 1994 through the combination of a number of operations, including the New Zealand Agricultural Engineering Institute (NZAEI), Kellogg Farm Management Unit and Centre for Resource Management.

Company size

Lincoln Agritech is an independent research and development organisation, with an independent board of directors. It employs around 40 staff, including scientists, research engineers and software developers based on campus at Canterbury’s Lincoln University and at the Ruakura Research Campus in Hamilton.

Research and development

PRECISION AGRICULTURE TECHNOLOGY: Providing technologies and advice to enable efficient agricultural and horticultural production systems.  Precision Ag is a farming management concept based on observing and responding to intra-field variation. It relies on new technologies such as satellite imagery, information technology, and geospatial tools when applying farming inputs.

SENSING TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS: What can be measured, can be managed; we are developing smart sensing technologies to help our clients attain competitive advantage through better management in reducing costs, introducing new revenue opportunities, and improving decision-making when utilising limited resources. Our work typically includes machine vision, microwave sensing, acoustic, biosensor and electrochemisty techniques.

GROUNDWATER PROCESSES: Supplying tools that enable regional and central government, as well as water users, to manage ground water quality, nitrogen impacts and water allocation to enable a sustainable future for NZ’s water resource. We have generated nationally significant tools and models, including work in hydrological resource characterisation and assessment of groundwater assimilative capacity.

CHEMICAL APPLICATION RESEARCH AND TRAINING: Developing best management practices, technologies and models to balance pesticide use, sustainable primary production and environmental protection. Our work helps agrochemical companies, equipment manufacturers and applicators to maximise on-target deposition of pesticides. We are frequently called on for spray drift analysis (e.g. for agrochemicals and effluent), spray regime characterisation (e.g. effects of nozzle configuration), and development of novel technologies to reduce and measure drift.

SOFTWARE CONSULTING AND IRRICAD – IRRIGATION DESIGN SOFTWARE: Developing online and installed software tools across a range of applications to deliver decision making abilities and visualisations from complex data. One example of our software capability is IRRICAD, a world leading computer software system for designing all types of pressurised irrigation systems, which has been exported globally since 1988.

Roles within the company and company culture

Lincoln Agritech is a 100% subsidiary of Lincoln University and operates with an independent board. This affords the organisation the flexibility to operate entrepreneurially, as well as being closely connected to the depth of capability at the university. Lincoln Agritech is often looking for skilled research scientists, research engineers, software developers and support staff; and these vacancies are advertised on Seek as well as the Lincoln Agritech website.

Contact us

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New Zealand

P: +64 3 325 3700
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