Zoom RoomZoom Room builds custom websites and digital applications.

Target market

Its target market is medium to large businesses and organisations that require digital applications – from simple websites through to custom business applications. Zoom Room specialises in products for the educational, logistics and agricultural industries.


The business was founded in 2008 as IBDG and was renamed Zoom Room in 2010. It is owned by four directors: Stephen Ambler, Garry Urlwin, Neil McDonald, and Marian Johnson.

Company size

Zoom Room currently employs 12 people and its turnover is just over NZD 1 million per year. The company’s headquarters is in Christchurch.

Research and development

Most of the company’s research and development is currently focused on delivering innovation in the agricultural sector.

Roles within the company and company culture

Roles that exist within the company include front-end designers and developers, as well as software engineers.

The company culture is dynamic and fast-paced, but also laid-back with a healthy attitude to achieving a good work/life balance.

The team is multicultural – it includes Irish, South African, American, Pakistani and Kiwi staff members – all of whom share an enjoyment and passion for their work.

Contact us

Marian Johnson

M: 021 114 9757
E: marian@zoomroom.co.nz