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Adscale Labs (Adscale) builds an online marketplace, client website and Adserver farm that allows advertisers to reach an audience of 40 million internet users across hundreds of thousands of publisher websites. Traditional market solutions, such as advertiser agencies, publisher networks and ad exchanges, typically provide poor visibility and limited control. In contrast, Adscale empowers both publishers and advertisers by providing the tools needed to gain full control over their online publishing and marketing activities.

Target market

The company targets both online publishers and advertisers. It enables advertisers to maximise advertising campaign effectiveness across publishers by providing total visibility of website performance.Adscale reaches online publishers because they can increase revenue from their online advertising inventory – it gives them the freedom to sell inventory directly to advertisers while maintaining control over the advertising content and price. Adscale provides over 300 million advertising impressions to 40 million internet users every day. It is recognised on an international level and has a large team that makes this outreach possible.

Company size

The company has 65 employees worldwide with the head office in Munich, Germany. Adscale Laboratories is the R&D team of 30 employees located in Christchurch.

Research and development

The company’s development mantra is ‘collaborate, learn and improve’. To make this a reality, it focuses on following such principles as:

  • test driven development
  • pair programming
  • collective code ownership
  • constant refactoring.

Adscale is open to hearing from the public. Its website includes an enquiry page, where anyone can get in touch. The information received through this page informs business development decisions.

Roles within the company and company culture

The company offers an opportunity to work in a relaxed and productive environment, where the focus is on solving challenging problems with cutting edge technologies. In this environment, how staff interact and collaborate with colleagues is just as important as specific technical knowledge or an impressive resume.

The team shares a common passion for building something great together, and believes in hard work and having fun.

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PO Box 19 895
5 Ayr Street
Christchurch 8011
New Zealand

T: +64 3 343 0494