JadeJade Software (Jade) designs and delivers innovative software solutions that solve complex business problems, and has worked with leading organizations including Bombardier, World Vision and DB Schenker.

With humble beginnings in Christchurch, Jade now has three key lines of business:

  • Jade Master Logistics: Jade has developed the expertise required to solve the complex problem of managing a variety of mixed cargo. From mixed-cargo ports in Ghana to railways in Europe, Jade Master Logistics provides the tools customers need to be competitive. The design, development and support of the Master Logistics suite of products originate from Jade’s global corporate head office in Christchurch.
  • Jade Solutions: Customers engage the Jade Solutions team to connect people, information and systems seamlessly through industry-standard technologies that integrate throughout their business.
  • Jade Technologies: With a history of technology leadership, Jade has built high-performance technology platforms that reduce the complexity of software development. Jade developers can easily create applications to solve complex business problems without being constrained by the mechanics of storing and accessing data.

Target market

The advanced technology platforms created by Jade are used by more than 12,000 companies globally operating in the financial services, telecommunications, utilities, retail, and specialist logistics industries.


Proudly founded in Christchurch in 1978, Jade has been at the forefront of a number of leading New Zealand innovations.

  • In the 1980s, Jade invented the LINC 4GL database, which is used by more than 4000 Unisys computer systems worldwide.
  • In 1996, the JADE object-oriented software and development and deployment platform was released, and is still used by more than 12,000 companies globally.
  • Most recently, Jade launched the Wynyard Group, a leader in advanced crime analytics, risk and threat assessment software, which successfully listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange in 2013.

Jade has continued to reinvent itself based on a deep understanding of customer markets and now offers a range of strategy, design, development and support options for its customers.

Jade line diagram

Company size

Jade employs 200 experts in New Zealand, Australia, the USA, the UK and the United Arab Emirates, who are supported by 40 major partners. The team is committed to developing high performance applications and creating engaging experiences for users through digital strategy and design.

Research and development

The company is committed to innovation through the growth of its global portfolio, investing 20% of its revenue in research and development annually.

Roles within the company and company culture

Jade hires passionate people who are dedicated, inspired and enthusiastic about what they do. People come first and the company provides a variety of programs to grow and inspire its teams.

Working at Jade is an exciting and challenging opportunity. With a strong reputation as an employer of choice, Jade’s global collaborative team has a diversity of skills, experiences, talent and culture, making Jade a fun place to work.

Its leaders invest in the development of others and support individuals to be the best they can be in achieving their goals.

Jade has attracted and retained some of the top talent in the industry with its proud, high-performance culture, and progressive outlook and approach to embracing new opportunities.

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