Bali, Indonesia

Job title:

Digital designer


Jade Software


Primary and intermediate schooling in Indonesia. High school in New Zealand and Bachelor of ICT, Multimedia and eCommerce major from CPIT (Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology)

Moved to Christchurch:

January 2003

Mia Yatiswara
Why did you choose to move to Christchurch?

I moved here with my parents.

What does your company do?

Jade Software solves complex business problems through the design and delivery of innovative software solutions.

What does your job involve?

Digital designer. I am responsible creating a visual design/ treatment for user graphical interface. Typically I work alongside the UX and developer team to translate and create solutions for our clients.

What do you enjoy about your job?

I love the design challenges presented to me by our clients and I enjoy working on a variety of digital projects (web and mobile).
My work also allows me to be an ambassador for high school students – I mentor, inspire and share my experience in the field of digital design to high school students.

Tell us about your lifestyle in Christchurch:

Fun at work:
I have made many close friends and enjoy Jade wine nights. There are many training events and I have regular opportunities to give back to the community by speaking to groups of school students about my job. I have a great work / life balance.

Fun outside of work:
I enjoy salsa dancing competitions.

Life in Christchurch:

I love the natural beauty of Christchurch – it is a fairly short drive to find beautiful mountains and panoramic lakes. On top of that, it is an exciting time to be in Christchurch at the moment, being part of the city as it is growing rapidly is truly something.


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