Nottinghamshire, England

Job title:

Web programmer/developer




Bachelor of Science (Computer Science), PhD

Moved to Christchurch:


Rob Ingram
Why did you choose to move to Christchurch?

After visiting New Zealand twice on holiday, my wife and I decided to make a permanent move.
Both our visits had started in Christchurch and we really liked the city. In addition, we ideally wanted to be in the South Island, so Christchurch provided the best prospects for employment.
Finally, the next few years are going to be exciting for the city and we wanted to be here at the start of the rebuild.

What does your job involve?

As a sole trader, I’m selling my time as a web programmer, developing web applications and sites using a variety of technologies.

What do you enjoy about your job?

I enjoy problem-solving to achieve the client’s requirements.
I’m still getting used to life as a contractor after working fulltime in the UK. I am working on my first contract, which is for six months. This has given me stability straightaway, but I look forward to variety in my future work.
Christchurch has a number of active software developer groups that meet regularly for semi-social activities and I have been attending these as a great way to expand my network and meet like-minded people.

How do you see your career progressing?

I want to build a reputation as a contractor and work on a greater variety of projects. Christchurch has a lot of resources in my area of work – from large multinational software companies to smaller advertising and design agencies.

Tell us about your lifestyle in Christchurch:

Fun at work:
My first contract has been working on-site and the people are nice. Friday drinks are great and I was invited to the staff Christmas BBQ before I had even started work.

Fun outside of work:
The area around Christchurch has lots of opportunities for walking in the hills, which I really enjoy. I am also using the flexibility of contracting to work a nine-day fortnight so I can travel further afield on long weekends.
I also enjoy photography, and the city and surrounding area provide an amazing range of subjects.

Family aspects:

My wife and I are taking up sea and river kayaking as a hobby. We also love walking and generally being outside in the fresh air.

Life in Christchurch:

It has been great exploring Christchurch to find good restaurants and bars. It is a little harder because many are now outside the city centre but this makes it all the more rewarding when we find a great place.
We’ve also enjoyed visiting Sumner for the beach and the nice village atmosphere.
It’s great to be able to work hard but have the balance to be able to enjoy our leisure time so we can make the most of the range of possibilities that Christchurch and Canterbury offer.
We’re also really excited to see how the city develops as the momentum of the rebuild gathers pace.

Pancake Rocks on the West Coast

Marlborough Sounds
Abel Tasman National Park
Marlborough Sounds
Waterfall on the West Coast
Waterfall in the Milford Sound area
Abel Tasman National Park
Abel Tasman National Park