Enable is a wholesale fibre broadband provider that is building a new network as part of the New Zealand Government’s ultra-fast broadband initiative.

When the network is complete, Enable will provide fibre broadband services to 180,000 homes, schools and businesses in Christchurch, Rangiora, Kaiapoi, Woodend, Lincoln, Prebbleton and Rolleston.

Target market

Enable is an open access wholesale network provider – meaning it provides fibre broadband services to all major telecommunications retailers. These retailers then sell a range of broadband and telephone packages delivered over Enable’s network to homes, businesses and schools.

Enable works closely with its retail service providers and markets directly to residential and business broadband users to ensure they have a clear understanding of the benefits of fibre broadband.


Enable was established in 2007 by Christchurch City Council’s investment arm, Christchurch City Holdings Limited, to build a commercial fibre network and provide improved broadband services to local businesses.

In 2011, it won the government contract to deliver ultra-fast broadband to Christchurch and key centres in Waimakariri and Selwyn districts. This resulted in the establishment of a new joint venture company and transforming the business from a small fibre network provider into a major infrastructure provider.

Company size

Today, Enable is the largest provider of fibre broadband services in Christchurch and it will continue to grow considerably over the next few years.

Currently, 45,000 homes and businesses can access Enable’s fibre broadband services – and almost 4000 of these have made the move to fibre.

The Enable team consists of approximately 70 highly skilled people with the full range of expertise required to build and manage a large wholesale fibre broadband network.

Research and development

Enable places significant emphasis on innovation and continuous improvement in how it delivers services.

As part of its transformation into a large-scale infrastructure provider, Enable is making significant investment in business and operating systems that will have a large impact on how it delivers its services and runs its business.

Enable is constantly looking to improve how it deploys its network – to deliver the network more efficiently, reduce cost, future proof it and reduce disruption to customers.

Today, Enable provides a market-leading customer experience – particularly when it comes to customer connections.

Roles within the company and company culture

Enable is a growing business and is regularly looking for highly skilled professionals in a range of areas including:

  • network build, design and operation
  • project management
  • marketing and sales
  • customer services
  • corporate services.

Other information

Enable is a unique company that focuses only on delivering the benefits of fibre broadband to people of greater Christchurch.

Fibre broadband will empower the people of our community to build new businesses, and make existing businesses more productive and profitable. It will provide our children with exciting new learning opportunities and change how healthcare is provided.

It will also transform how we use technology in our homes – by making it possible to access exciting new online entertainment options and ways to connect with friends and family.

Enable’s fibre broadband network will provide tremendous value to our community as an enabler of future innovation and growth.

Contact us

P: 0800 4 FIBRE
W: www.enable.net.nz

Enable field technician in Christchurch
Ultra-fast fibre broadband being installed in Christchurch
Ultra-fast fibre broadband being installed in Christchurch