Spark Digital is a proud member of the Spark New Zealand family, focussed on supporting the success of New Zealand businesses both here, and wherever they want to operate in today’s globally connected world.

Spark Digital provides solutions for the rapidly evolving needs of business, enterprise and government customers as they meet the demands of an increasingly globalised, connected and mobile customer base.  They’re committed to helping our customers gain the competitive advantage that digital solutions can deliver.

Spark Digital has a unique legacy and capability to deliver customers some of the best ICT solutions in New Zealand, inspired and fully supported by the power of Spark New Zealand.

Based across New Zealand, their local teams deliver the full spectrum of design, consulting, deployment, management and support – creating ICT solutions that help their clients achieve the goals they set themselves in business. Its networks, data centers and innovative new services are state of the art in the industry. Its converged ICT solutions are delivered over high-quality fixed and mobile networks, and the cloud.

Spark Digital’s strategic partnerships with global and local technology providers, such as Cisco, HP, IBM, and Microsoft, enable it to deliver even better business-enabling ICT solutions for clients.

Target market

Spark Digital’s target market is both business and government clients across New Zealand.

It currently has more than 2,700 clients, ranging in size from small to medium corporates starting at 30 full-time employees, right up to large multinational enterprises and central government agencies with more than 1,000 full-time employees.

Clients are spread throughout New Zealand, with over half based outside of Auckland and Wellington. They come from public and private sectors across all industry classifications, including 200 healthcare and social assistance companies, 220 construction companies, and over 140 educational facilities, and a number of major financial institutions, airlines, and retailers.


Spark Digital is part of the Spark New Zealand family and has been operating in New Zealand for over three decades. It evolved from the merging of Wang, Computerland, and Telecom Digital Solutions in the 1990s, and is recognised today as New Zealand’s number one ICT provider for businesses.

Company size

Spark Digital employs more than 2,000 staff across 14 locations in New Zealand, and is the largest employer of ICT professionals in New Zealand.

Each office has local experts supported by larger teams in the main centres of Auckland and Wellington.

The company partners with 25 local and global-leading ICT providers and has annual revenues of over NZ$1.5 billion.

Research and development

Investing in attracting, retaining and developing the right people is important to the company – it currently boasts a nationwide network of more than 900 industry-certified experts.

It also has 300 technology qualifications and certifications across 25 strategic partners, and this is constantly growing.

Academic training for staff is ongoing. Spark Digital sees value in improving its core competencies and role-specific skills to reinforce its professional skill base.

Roles within the company and company culture

There is a wide range of people at Spark Digital all with different skills, passions, and talents. They drive the company’s success through their enthusiasm, world-class capability and passion for clients.

The company’s values and culture are aligned with its clients to build sustainable and strong relationships. 

Every day at Spark Digital presents a different adventure with new opportunities, and high-profile projects expose employees to new challenges and to experts in the field.

As part of the wider Telecom Group, Spark Digital’s breadth of operations means it can offer a multitude of diverse career opportunities. Roles range from:

  • client account management and support
  • technical engineers and consultants
  • project managers
  • product managers
  • marketing and communications

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