Accounting for over 15% of all building consents issued nationally each year, the Spanbild Group uses local products to develop a range of steel, timber and paneled buildings from its manufacturing plants in Christchurch and Brisbane.

To source these materials, the company works alongside some of the local industry’s leading suppliers to provide long-lasting quality and affordability for its customers. It is this commitment that ensures Spanbild is the leading choice for customers wanting to buy local without compromising quality.

It also delivers complete project management and peace of mind through its large-scale manufacturing operations and the support of its nationwide network of franchisees and branches. Spanbild has the expertise, scale and scope to deliver on time and on budget.

Target market

Spanbild targets the building of residential, rural and commercial buildings – direct to end consumers via architects and other industry-leading companies.

Franchises, distributors and branches around New Zealand and Australia support Spanbild, extending its target range of sectors, applications and environments.


Established in 1970 by the Gee family, the Spanbild Group has expanded across Australasia – and is a recognised leader in the building industry.

It has grown over 40 years, from a small, local manufacturer to a multi-brand market leader. It is recognised as an expert in building to local conditions across Australasia.

Company size

The Spanbild Group comprises of leading building brands in New Zealand and its nationwide coverage allows each team to work closely with consumers and local territorial authorities.

It constructs more buildings than any other company in New Zealand and employs close to 1000 people through its franchises. It also has franchises across Australia and continues to grow and develop throughout Australasia.

Research and development

The company embraces design thinking and philosophy and is seeking to constantly grow its product portfolio through innovation and consumer led design thinking.

Roles within the company and company culture

Spanbild strongly believes that people are one of its strongest assets. The company focuses on supporting and investing in people and a number of team members have worked with the company for decades. Spanbild offers a wide range of innovative employee benefits and rewards loyalty.

As a successful family-owned business, Spanbild is committed to maintaining local production and management.

Other information

Following the 2011 Canterbury earthquake, Spanbild undertook various projects to support the development of low-cost housing to address the housing shortage and to also provide a wide range of emergency short-term and medium term accommodation across a number of sectors including; residential, educational, commercial and emergency services.

Spanbild also took a lead role in providing a number of facilities within the new AMI Stadium in Christchurch.

Spanbild is now leading the NZ buildings manufacturing industry into the future, by way of its recent announcement of a new panelised buildings factory, a 50/50 joint venture with leading home provider, Mike Greer Homes.

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