Machinery & Equipment Jobs in Christchurch

The heart of Christchurch’s manufacturing is its engineering sector and its machinery and equipment manufacturers — engineering companies that have specialised in developing products for global niche markets. Collectively they employ nearly 3500 staff.

Many evolved from servicing the rural hinterland and collectively they produce a diverse array of equipment and machinery for the primary sector ranging from timber mill processing, grain stackers and bulk materials handling, quarry and mining equipment, earth moving equipment through to post-harvest vegetable handling equipment. Other companies have specialised in food and beverage processing and handling.

Whereas globalisation has seen mass production concentrated in Asia, what defines these companies’ competitive advantage is a relentless pursuit of innovative design and manufacturing combined with design integrity, quality assurance and reliability, a high investment in equipment and machinery, and the adoption of agile manufacturing systems to respond quickly to customer needs and market changes while still controlling costs and quality.

Meet some of the employers

  • Hamilton Jet is a world leader in jet propulsion technology and 99% of its output is exported to the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
  • Family-owned SKOPE Industries is one of Christchurch’s largest employers, manufacturing commercial refrigeration to a wide range of clients in the food service industry.
  • Moffat is one of New Zealand’s leading exporters, manufacturing commercial gas and electric kitchen appliances to the global market.
  • Publicly listed Scott Technology designs and manufactures automated production and process systems for the global meat processing, appliance, mining and superconductor industries.
  • Wyma Engineering manufactures and distributes post-harvest vegetable handling equipment to over 50 countries worldwide.
  • Southern Cross Engineering manufactures and services bulk materials handling equipment used for saw milling, wood reprocessing, grain handling, quarrying and mining.
  • Mercer Stainless designs and fabricates stainless steel equipment for the industrial, dairy, processing, domestic and commercial sectors.
  • Angus Roberston is a specialist rollform design and build manufacturer whose machinery is used to produce roofing, cladding, garage doors, and components for ovens and appliances.
  • Victor Hydaulics is a global leader in the design and manufacture of steel, stainless steel and aluminium hydraulic cylinders.