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Enztec designs and manufactures signature surgical instruments for the world’s best orthopaedics companies and has a line of their own branded devices.

It is an internationally recognised leader in the development of crafted, functional, and stylish medical devices with the surgeon and patient in mind.

Enztec develops instruments to help make orthopaedic procedures faster, easier and safer for the surgeon and patient. Its vision is to make surgeons’ lives easier in the operating theatre and, ultimately, improve patient outcomes.

Its range of instruments offer benefits including improved impaction of implants, faster and easier repair of soft tissue, and increased exposure and visualisation during surgery. The company has developed instruments for procedures in all areas of the hip, knee, spine and extremities.

Target market

Enztec is a global medical device company – it is an internationally recognised brand and has an extensive international customer base.

The vertically integrated nature of its business gives Enztec a wide customer base and an excellent strategic position in global orthopaedic device markets.

A very large proportion of the company’s multimillion dollar turnover is gained from exports, with the USA accounting for around 40%, while Europe, Japan and the UK comprising the majority of the remainder.

Company size

Enztec has a multidisciplinary team of over 50 employees. Its office and manufacturing facility is located in Christchurch, New Zealand.

In their new modern, high tech facility, the company houses its design, quality assurance, regulatory, marketing and administrative functions, as well as its world-class manufacturing.

Research and development

Enztec has grown into a large team of highly skilled and dedicated employees. It has been recognised locally and internationally as being at the leading edge of creative orthopaedic research and development solutions.

The company has been awarded ISO 13485 certification as well as other certifications, which represents the requirements for a comprehensive quality management system for the design and manufacture of medical devices.

Roles within the company and company culture

Enztec has a team of highly skilled staff specialising in:

  • medical Instrument design and development
  • custom implants
  • regulatory compliance
  • quality control
  • production management
  • precision manufacturing
  • sales and marketing

Contact Us

3/17 Print Place


Christchurch 8024
New Zealand

P.O Box 31029
Christchurch 8444

P: + 64 3 348 0203
F: + 64 3 343 6182