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Fabrum Solutions is involved in the design and research required to develop new technology and processes in the construction, jointing detail and manufacture of composite products. They are heavily involved in the superconducting industry, which is an emerging sector.

There are only a few composite cryostat manufacturers for high-temperature application in the world and Fabrum Solutions is well positioned as an industry leader. Fabrum Solutions also designs and manufactures high tolerance niche-market composite components such as carbon composite tubes with machined details and composite magnetic rotors for underground boring units.

Fabrum Solutions have four key product areas with a focus on the superconducting and cryogenic industries:

  1. Composite cryostats (super conductor sector)
  2. Composite tube and plates  (oil and gas sector)
  3. Product manufacturing and assembly — high tolerance machining of parts such as boring for laying fibre optic  and ducting for utilities
  4. Water jet profiling — cutting and milling materials using water jets with in-house design, build and assembly services.

Target market

Fabrum Solutions focuses on national and international markets:

  • Half of its business comes from supplying the domestic market with machined components and water-jet profiling
  • The UK is a key market for composite tube and plates with associated machined details
  • Europe and the USA are key markets for superconductor and cryogenic products – such as composite cryostats and cryo-coolers
  • The USA is also a key market for the export of hi-tech machinery


Fabrum Solutions Solutions was started by Hugh Reynolds and Christopher Boyle in April 2004, and today employs 25 staff ranging from a tertiary qualified design team to trade based operators at its purpose-built factory in Hornby, Christchurch.

Research and development

Fabrum Solutions operates a large research and development function, and is at the forefront in the design and production in areas related to:

  • Composite cryostats and cryo-coolers for rotating machinery, power systems and medical applications
  • Resonating transformers for electrical test systems
  • Rare earth magnetic drive systems

Roles within the company and company culture

Fabrum Solutions are always looking for people to join their design and production teams — in particular those with skills in CNC operation and programming, composite design and manufacturing, and engineering design and analysis.

Fabrum Solutions has a culture of anticipating what the client desires and exceeding it through challenging assumptions and current practices. To do this we embrace innovation and creativity in design and production.

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Christopher Boyle, Director, christopher@fabrum.co.nz,

T: +64 21 434614

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