HamiltonJet represents the latest in water-jet propulsion technology, with over 50,000 water-jet units installed around the world.

The company designs each model according to the standards of the world’s leading certifying authorities and the range includes models for power inputs from 150kW-3000kW, for vessels typically up to 60m long.

The company is respected internationally and is a market leader providing marine propulsion systems to high profile clients.  With a mix of demanding applications, their products and services are trusted by boat builders, naval architects and a wide variety of end users in over 120 countries worldwide.

HamiltonJet exports 98% of production to key markets including: vessels for the military, homeland security, search and rescue, fast ferry, oil and gas and renewable energy sectors.

HamiltonJet provides water-jets to companies on an international level and focuses on delivering leading innovative technology.

Target market

The company is dedicated to supplying waterjet propulsion units and control systems for fast vessels throughout the global marketplace.  To achieve this, HamiltonJet has regional offices in the USA, UK and Singapore plus a network of some 55 distributors around the world providing sales and after-market support.


The HamiltonJet parent company was formed in 1939 and was centered around the workshop at Irishman Creek Station in rural Canterbury.

The company pursued a policy of planned diversification – a natural progression from the effective innovation and expertise initiated by the founder, Sir William Hamilton. However, over the past 20 years HamiltonJet has focused solely on the production of water-jet units and electronic control systems.

The company has seen continued growth over the last decade which has prompted significant investment in machinery and facilities.  HamiltonJet has embraced a philosophy of continuous improvement and lean manufacturing to remain internationally competitive.

Company size

HamiltonJet employs over 300 people in all aspects of water-jet design, production, sales and marketing and ancillary support functions.

The company has a wide breadth of manufacturing processes including aluminium and stainless steel foundries, machining centers, welding and fabrication, assembly of hydraulic components and electronic control systems.  All manufacturing is undertaken at the Christchurch factory.

Research and development

The company focuses on designing water-jets and electronic controls based on cutting edge technology.

It delivers jets on an international scale and its capability is based on innovative design, production and service to deliver various water jet applications to a wide range of end users.

HamiltonJet continues to be recognised as the propulsion system of choice.

Roles within the company and company culture

Only the best are selected to work in HamiltonJet facilities. The company values technical expertise, a can-do attitude, innovation, integrity and team work.

Video interview: Tim Agnew, Fitting and Machining Apprentice

Contact us

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New Zealand

P: +64 3 962 0505
E: careers@hamjet.co.nz

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