Wyma designs, manufactures, distributes and services post-harvest vegetable equipment and solutions worldwide.

The product range includes equipment to tip, receive, remove waste, brush, wash, polish, peel, cool, dry, convey, grade, size and pack vegetables, as well as complete dry, wash or pre-pack line solutions.

The company’s innovative, effective, and robust post-harvest solutions ensure customers’ businesses grow to full potential.

Target market

The Wyma brand made it to the global stage via its top selling product, the Wyma Vege-Polisher™. Wyma invented rotary brush technology in the mid 1990s and the first exports of the Vege-Polisher™ began in 2001, initially to Australia.

Now, more than 800 polishers have been sold in over 40 countries around the globe.


Wyma originated as a domestic manufacturer of agricultural and produce handling equipment in West Melton, a small rural town of the Canterbury region in 1991. The company was then owned by John Wyma. In 2001, the business was sold to Andrew & Angela Barclay who changed the business from a small & pre-dominantly local supplier to a large export company.

Company size

Wyma has two offices – one in New Zealand and one in the Czech Republic. Territory managers are located in New Zealand, Australia, the UK, Czech Republic, France and, most recently, China. Dealer/agent networks are also established around the world.

The company’s headquarters is in Christchurch, New Zealand, where it employs 90 people and is the company’s manufacturing hub.

The Czech Republic office, in Slany, currently employs a team of eight and operates as the sales and distribution centre for Europe.

The company exports 97% of the capital equipment manufactured.

Research and development

Wyma’s philosophy has always been to bring continuous improvement to its design, manufacturing, distribution and servicing capabilities. This continuous improvement is what has kept the company thriving in the fluctuating export market over the past decade.

Response to customer feedback has also been a crucial factor in the growth of the company, with product improvements predominantly dictated by demands from the end-user.

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