Polymer & Rubber Jobs in Christchurch

There are around 100 plastics manufacturers in Christchurch, representing about 25% of all plastics manufacturers in New Zealand. It is a dynamic industry with an annual national turnover in excess of $2 billion.

Unlike most countries, no polymer resins are manufactured in New Zealand — they are all imported.

The industry also produces a higher proportion of packaging products compared with other developed nations due to the high proportion of food exports that the sector supports.

Meet some of the employers

  • Skellerup Industries is the sector’s largest employer and makes a wide range of rubber products mainly for the global dairy industry. It is part of the publicly listed Skellerup Holdings Group of companies, which employs over 700 people worldwide.
  • EPL is at the forefront of extrusion technology in Australasia. Founded in 1974, it produces a range of glazing gaskets, seals, rigid extrusions, silicone rubber profiles and high temperature cables for the appliance, glazing, construction, health care, marine and primary industries. With a production plant in Thailand, it exports much of its output to the Australia, South Africa, South-East Asia, the Middle East and the USA. It is the only silicone rubber extruder in New Zealand and has developed significant IP around the compounding of its raw materials.
  • Talbot Technologies is a leading player in the injection-moulding and thermoforming industry with a global reputation for developing integrated assembly solutions that include plastic mouldings as well as fasteners, foam inserts, PCB, LED and wiring looms.
  • Frank PKS is a leading producer of flexible, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) piping supplying the rebuild of Christchurch’s horizontal infrastructure and large-scale irrigation schemes in the South Island.
  • Alto Plastics is New Zealand’s largest privately owned rigid plastics company, producing injection, blow and injection stretch blow moulding (PET) packaging for the grocery industry.
  • Amcor is part of the Amcor Group, the world’s leading packaging company based in Singapore. From its flexible packaging division in Christchurch, it services the grocery sector.