Christchurch, New Zealand is a popular choice for those looking to emigrate from their current country – it’s perceived as providing a healthy and low-stress lifestyle, good health benefits, a fantastic natural environment, and friendly people. Immigration from many countries isn’t a difficult process, especially if you can offer relevant skills and support yourself while you’re here. A visa will allow you to work here freely, and if you do so for long enough you can eventually apply for permanent residency to live here without a visa.

Types Of Visa

Visa types include:

  • Skilled Migrant Visa. You can be granted a fairly permanent working migrant visa if you can demonstrate that you have a skill or experience that is in demand here in New Zealand.
  • Work To Residence Visa. If you work for an accredited employer in New Zealand for two years, you can apply for residence so long as you have a certain level of English and meet a certain base salary.
  • Partner Visa. If your partner is a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident, you can apply to join them with a partner visa, as long as you can prove the relationship is genuine and they are supporting you.

For any visa you apply for, make sure you check and double check the requirements. It can be a long process, depending on any difficulties such as health and background checks that may arise, so be prepared to be patient.

Settling into Christchurch, New Zealand

With a $40 billion rebuild well underway Christchurch has some of the lowest unemployment in the country it is proving to be a popular destination for job seekers. It’s not only the employment opportunities that are attracting people to Christchurch. Global interest fell on Christchurch as Lonely Planet listed it as one of the Top 10 Cities to Visit in 2013 and it ranked second on the New York Times’ 52 Places To Go in 2014. Christchurch, with the mountains and coast on its doorstep provides residents and tourists alike with a wealth of activities  – you can ski, bungy jump, hike, mountain bike, raft, surf, swim, golf, see whales, dolphins and seals, visit wineries and shop all within two hours of the city.

Once you’ve decided where you want to live, you can start settling into the area. Read the official guide for moving to Christchurch.