Reciprocal relationship between Christchurch and region

CDC releases Economic Snapshot for June 2017

Christchurch and Canterbury indicators continue to show that the economy is in a transitional phase and underlying sectors continue to drive the economy.

Commodity prices have been experiencing a rise in April. The index shows dairy prices rose by 3.8% over this month.

Consent figures remain at a high level, however, as expected both the number of issued consents as well as the total value continue to drop. Residential consents number has been dropped significantly over the past month.

Total guest nights including both domestic and international visitors have risen in the region compared to the previous year.

The services sector continues with its strong performance.

Housing pressures are continuing to ease somewhat in the city with residential rents lower than a year ago. House prices increases are following the national growth levels but with a lower rate.

As the rebuild is no longer in expansion mode, it is no longer pushing economic growth, and underlying sectors continue to drive the economy.

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