Economic Strategy

The purpose of Christchurch Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) is to identify long term growth goals and priorities to 2031 that will create a stronger economy and better quality of life.

The economic development planning ensures that resources, business and investment decisions are steered towards a common set of objectives intended to improve economic outcomes. By setting a common course, engaging with the business community and investing in shared goals, better outcomes will be achieved.

Business Support

ChristchurchNZ provides free support to ChCh businesses. If your business is in one of these key sectors: Agribusiness, Manufacturing, Technology and International Education then we have many tools and resources to offer you.

ChristchurchNZ Innovation

Christchurch Innovation (previously CDC Innovation)  is a Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) supported initiative to accelerate the commercialisation of innovation in Canterbury. We work with entrepreneurs, business and research organisations, encouraging collaboration and supporting innovative projects.