WIKISPEED Presentation 17th July @ the HUB

Here’s an event that may be of interest to a number of the companies that CDC works with. Tait Communications and CECC is bringing WIKISPEED founder Joe Justice to NZ. Their July 17 presentation looks at lessons learned from tools most commonly used in the software and hi-tech industries & how they can be applied in other sectors – for improved innovation, productivity and team performance.

In a nutshell:
Wikispeed is an online car company with a volunteer team of designers, engineers, and enthusiasts all over the world. This team jointly designed a complete car in a stunningly quick three months that:

  • gets high performance,
  • achieves 100 miles per gallon mileage, (2.5 lt per 100k equivalent)
  • meets all US safety standards,
  • uses modular construction (so that all parts and subsystems can be easily replaced).

This type of process usually takes years – Joe Justice applied tools (LEAN, AGILE and SCRUM) usually used in software design and the result was super efficient, effective, economic and he talks about how this can be applied to any business.

Click here to see Joe’s TEDx presentation and check out the flyer for details of the Christchurch workshop.